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Wind Energy

Wind is produced as a result of giant convection currents in the Earth's atmosphere, which are driven by heat energy from the Sun. This means the kinetic energy in wind is a renewable energy resource - so long as the Sun exists, wind will too. Wind turbines have huge blades mounted on a tall tower. The blades are connected to a nacelle, or housing, that contains gears linked to a generator. As the wind blows, it transfers some of its kinetic energy to the blades, which in turn drive the generator. Several wind turbines may be grouped together in windy locations to form wind farms.

Traditional wind farms are now being replaced with new technologies that are cost effective, more durable and can generate more power while reducing the carbon footprint or the land area required for the installations. Some newer advancements include wind-solar hybrid installations, offshore installations (at high seas), etc. 

These setups require high amount of initial investments and Eastern Powers facilitates this entire process and helps you in securing funding through various debt & equity models from both domestic & international sources. Eastern Powers also helps you in retro fitting the existing wind farms with new generation turbines and hybrid installations to considerably improve generation capacity of wind farm. For enquiries around wind farm financing send us an email on finance@easternpowers.com

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