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Smart Railway Stations

Railway stations have become an important part of the discussion when it comes to smart cities, which aim to implement data and technology to improve efficiency, mobility and sustainability. Station managers, political institutions and infrastructure managers are catching up to the importance of renovating their rail transport hubs accordingly.

The Ministry of Railways has teamed up with the Ministry of Urban Development to ensure that smart railway stations will be built as part of the country’s ongoing Smart Cities Mission. More than 400 stations across India are currently being redeveloped to provide easier access and improved amenities to passengers. The government has set a 2020 deadline to redevelop 10 railway stations into world class facilities with airport-like amenities at a cost of US$750 million and Indian Railways are expected to invest approximately US$ 140 billion over the next five years to redevelop and upgrade these 400 stations. For more information on how we can help, reach out to us on admin@easternpowers.com

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