Generating a Brighter Clean Future

Social Upliftment

Khaire Village, Vandri Dam
Off Western Express Highway at Dekale
(Landmark, turn right from NAKODA DHAM 8 KM after Virar Check Naka)

We are engaged in the social transformation of the village folks in this Pada. We are interested in associating with your organisation in this cause of providing a sustainable living to the villagers and double their household income and make the women financially independent.

Lions are changing the world one community at a time, by addressing the needs at home and around the globe. We are 1.4 million men and women who believe that kindness matters. And when we work together, we can achieve bigger goals.

Our aim is to transform 100 Sub Villages/Hamlets/Padas in Palghar District with a population of about 20,000 that is just 100 Kms from Mumbai

The objective is to double the Farmers' Household income in a span of One Year. Crystallize the income streams of the Farmers' Household

The farmers work in the fields with mechanized farming and good inputs of seeds, fertilizer and water availability throughout the year

The women folk contribute separately by associating with self help groups through the efforts of Bandhan Bank and other such micro finance groups

The adult Children are suitably trained by skills development techniques and gainfully employed in the industries and civil contracting jobs nearby and thereby contribute to the household income separately and also help in advanced farming techniques to their parents and adults

Make the village SMART VILLAGE as classified by Governmental Authorities

Lions Clubs International through the District 3231A3 MUMBAI, Lions Club of Dahisar Charity Fund and HNI Individuals are prepared to contribute 20% of the project costs with a plan to develop 100 Padas in a 50%/30%/20% development model wherein the Government contributes upto 50% through the welfare schemes of the Federal Govt, State Govt., Local Municipalities/ Gram Paychayats, Corporates contribute 30% through CSR schemes and balance 20% by the Lions

The following facilities have been created at the Pada over a four year period starting 2014

  • 8 Block Toilets (6' by 6' size with concrete roof slab) under Swatch Bharat Abhiyan with Solar Pumping for water availability 24/7 and Solar Lights and Solar Lamp Post for safety for women users in the night, with DRDO Design Biodigester and large open area for congregation
  • Three Solar water pumping stations for irrigation and drinking water with the inter-connected piping and raised storage facilities
  • Spray Irrigation installed for the second crop
  • E Learning Unit Running on Solar
  • Smart Village initiatives for linking the farmers to end users for their produce with WiFi connectivity
  • Arrangement of Direct sale of vegetables to Nakoda Dham
  • Solar lighting system in each household of the village
  • Solar Street Lights installed in the village
  • Bamboo Plantation with Tissue Culture shoots under experimental work
  • Mango, Guava and Papaya and Khajoor plantations
  • Water Filtration system for clean drinking water for the villagers
  • Details of each household with employment opportunities for the adult children, both boys and girls
  • Self help groups role in the augmenting the income of the women folks and make them financially independent
  • Green House creation for growing fruits and vegetables under climatically controlled cultivation
  • Gowshala for common management by the women folk with direct sale to product to Amul Virar Dairy
  • Complete demographic data of the villagers
  • Fencing of the fields of each land holding
  • Cold Storage through Solar refrigeration unit for selling the produce
  • Creation of Shaka on the Highway for selling of the produce
  • Packaging of the produce for ease of
  • Boats for the accessibility during rainy season
  • Tractor and mechanised farming techniques of pay as you use basis to reduce agrarian distress and improve productivity
  • High quality seeds for improved yield
  • List down Govt schemes that can be implemented Ayushman Bharat Scheme
  • Check Dams for water conservation

With the experience gained and the from the various agencies that we have interacted we are now in mission mode to replicate the above in 100 padas in Palghar District that are primarily with tribal population.

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